Zero Waste Goals – Update

So last year I wrote a blog post on my Zero Waste Goals for 2017. Honestly I think I’ve done pretty damn well with achieving what I set out to do. The goals I set myself were to make sure I carry cutlery with me when I go out, get a metal straw and start declining plastic straws and to start taking lunch with me to work so I didn’t have to buy lunch out.


One item that’s been helping me achieve a more zero waste lifestyle is my trustee Kilner jar. The lid is one that I took from a previous jar, it has a hole in the top for my steel straw. Kilner jars have lids that are made of two parts, one flat part that covers the top and one part that goes over the flat bit and screws onto the sides to secure it. I took the flat bit and put it under this blue lid to make it watertight, now after I’ve used it I can put it back in my bag with no concerns that excess liquid will leak out the hole into my bag.

I’ve been using this Kilner and steel straw combo at Costa for my iced lattes, works a treat! It’s exactly the same size as a small so no arguing about sizes here.


My reusable coffee cup has been a part of my life for a few months now, I love it. It’s made of bamboo so is completely biodegradable. It holds the heat in really well and is super easy to clean, my boyfriend started using it more than me so I had to end up buying him one as well. Luckily I found a brand new one in the charity shop for him, perfect find!


For Christmas I got this nifty fork/knife/spoon combo with a handy clip. I had some bamboo cutlery that I used prior to this but it didn’t come with a knife and the fork wasn’t very good. This neat piece of cutlery combines everything I need in one little instrument, it’s so easy to bung in your bag and use for everything!

  • Change to eco friendly toilet paper
  • Get rid of plastic in the bathroom
  • Make my own milk
  • Buy more in bulk

I hope I can achieve all these goals by the end of the year so watch this space and stay updated!

What are you doing to do to cut down on your waste?

Stay eco friendly x


  • Nickki

    Awesome, well done you.
    I’m still on my cruelty free journey and making more eco friendly choices within that too.
    I’m currently documenting how much soft plastic I get from supermarkets on produce that doesn’t need it, I’m going to email them regarding it before switching to getting a fruit/veg box delivery that simply has the recyclable/reusable box it comes in as packaging.
    I started keeping my coffee grounds for face masks/scrubs and will use the excess in my mams garden as I don’t have one in my apartment block.
    I did a wardrobe clear out and have separated everything into charity shop (usable clothes I don’t want) and fabric cuts/unusable clothes for the likes of H&M, in the process I found an unworn dress I can now get taken up to use for a wedding this summer. Win win!

    Small things can lead to bigger things

  • Julia

    To be honest I could be so much more eco-friendly than I am right now, I’m not super conscious of that but I definitely am going to start making that changes- starting with using less plastic bags when I buy my groceries!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • theethicalevolution

      A lot of it is just realising! It’s things you wouldn’t normally think about because of society x

  • Lizzie Bee

    This is really interesting! I’ve never heard of a zero waste goals but I’d love to adopt it into my lifestyle, especially when it comes to food (I’m guilty of always leaving a bit of food on my plate that I just throw away later).

  • xhighlandbeauty

    This was a really interesting read! I always try and do my bit to help the environment like reuse bags (or use tote bags) recycle what I can and try and save on food but never thought about using a metal straw when having a drink in a restaurant!
    Thank you for some useful advice going to try and take some of this on board 🙂

    Heather x //

  • Isabel

    Oh Blimey this is really good, you’ve done so well! I never even considered taking my own cup to the coffee place but it makes sense for take out. You’ve inspired me! 🙂

  • Rosie

    I’m really trying to cut down on unnecessary plastic purchases, like buying drinks in plastic bottles when I’m out. It’s definitely taking a lot of forward planning and remembering to take my drinks bottle. I’m not always successful but I’m getting there. I really want to get rid of kitchen roll, but I’m having to try and wean my boyfriend off it because he loves it!

    • theethicalevolution

      Oh there is a great alternative to kitchen roll, it’s from the brand ecoegg and it’s 80 bamboo sheets that can each be used and washed multiple times, a fantastic alternative!

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