Zero Waste 2017 Goals

In 2017 I want to continue on my zero waste journey by minimising waste I make outside the home, this includes water bottles, paper cups and plastic cutlery. I have a flask but I don’t really want to use it for water so it’s time to invest in a water bottle that stays in my bag! I invested in a decent water bottle last year but now it seems it lives upstairs on the bed side table..


I have also accumulated some more cutlery over christmas from the relatives so I’m going to buy/make a little pouch to hold a knife and fork in that again, stays in my bag so I’m never caught off guard when I buy lunch on the vegan market stall.

Another little thing I need to buy is a metal straw, the amount of iced lattes I drink is horrifying and I ALWAYS forget about the damn straw. I need my own set of steel straws to keep in my bag so I remember to ask for NO straw!


Lastly, I need to master the art of preparing meals to take out of the house. My work schedule means in reality I do have time to eat lunch before I start work but a lot of the time I am lazy. Therefore, I MUST eat lunch before I leave so I don’t buy lunch out OR I need to remember to take my own containers so I don’t waste unnecessary packaging if I do buy food out.


I know I can do all of these things with ease so I really just need to kick my ass into gear but hey, I am ready for it.



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