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What I got for Christmas

So I didn’t ask for/need anything for Christmas this year, my family don’t really do “asking” for things or writing lists anyway, I find lists a bit strange to be honest. Anyway, I got a nice little selection of things from my family and Billy’s family this year so I decided to share some of them with you.

From Billy, I got a cute reusable wooden advent calendar, a pair of second-hand Nikes (that I knew about because I was there when we found them, but I still acted surprised) and some cute heart shaped measuring cups.


My parents got me a recipe book, some funky plates, a couple of ready-made cocktails, cookie monster pjs and some vegan rocky road (yummy). Billy’s family got me an epic vegan hamper, the Thug Kitchen book and a mini Lush haul which is always fabulous.


It was a cute little Christmas this year, nothing flashy just lots of love and family. This year I’ve lost of a lot of interest in materialistic items what with my zero waste journey and all, so I was pleased not to get too much and nothing that would be too wasteful.

I hope you all got lovely things for Christmas, but remember not to take anything for granted, Christmas is about family and appreciation, not materials.

Stay Merry x


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