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Vegan Supermarket Haul – Tesco

So this is a general vegan food shop for me, there’s some things not pictured such as onions, carrots and garlic because I already had those. We use things like mushrooms, sweet potatoes and peppers in most meals so those things will almost always be featured in my food shops, other things such as tinned tomatoes and soya mince we use less often so only buy when we run out.

Going vegan meant I had to replace a few things, this Tesco soya mince is a great replacement for the quorn mine, which is not vegan. I also replaced my non-vegan Quorn chicken pieces with the vegan version. The vegan mayo I used in sandwiches, I make a mean chickpea “tuna” sandwich.

I bought artichoke hearts to put in my homemade “pret” sandwiches and on top of my homemade pizzas, I have found a new love for artichoke hearts recently. The soya chocolate yoghurts were actually from Holland and Barrett in the sale for 89p each, bargin.
Bananas are great, I don’t eat much fruit so I try and make sure I eat my bananas otherwise I might not get any fruit in my diet… I am trying to eat more fruit, I love watermelon but they are so big I can never eat it all before it goes mouldy.
This alpro yoghurt is amazing, you would never know it was vegan, it tastes better than any yoghurt I ate before being vegan. I have it for breakfast with my homemade granola or on pancakes with banana and agave. I also picked up these dried porcini mushrooms to put in a ramen or risotto on day, hopefully they’re nice!
Now this whole food shop cost me £26.33 in Tesco + £1.78 in Holland and Barrett, so a total of..
I will probably get a good 1 1/2 weeks of meals from this shop, I may have to replace some of the staples such as mushrooms and bananas but all together I can make a whole load of meals from this food shop.
Who says vegan eating is expensive?
Happy eating x

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