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Vegan Monthly Favourites 

So I’ve decided I’d like to start doing vegan monthly favourites, a collection of things I’ve been loving over the past month, all vegan and cruelty free of course! If you’d like to see this become a regular thing then please let me know!

  • I’ve been obsessed with Evolve Beauty recently, soon my whole skincare routine will be from them! I’ve been using their Fresh Face Natural Face Wash religiously every evening to clean my face and I love it, couldn’t go without it anymore!
  • Something I’ve been using a lot in the last couple of weeks is Tea Tree oil, if my skin starts breaking out I’ll apply a couple of drops of tea tree with my usual facial oil and apply it to my face. Every time I notice a drastic improvement in the morning to my skin, it’s fab.

  • Another Evolve Beauty shout out here, their Nourishing Hair Elixir has change my life. My hair has been through a lot in its time and my ends are always a bit dry and damaged, the last couple of weeks I’ve been applying this hair oil and honestly, my hair already looks like its grown. I’ll never look back.

  • Co-Op Dark chocolate with orange is INSANE. I know dark chocolate isn’t to everyones taste but this is only 56% and its mixed with delicious orange, it’s not bitter at all, I’m already on my second pack and it’s only been a week.
  • Tesco’s own Vegan Cheese has changed my life, the grated mozzarella melts so well on pizzas and chilli cheese is perfect in a toastie, totally tasty!

  • Now that summer is here I’m drinking lighter and fruitier drinks, I’ve always loved Pimm’s so when I went vegan I was so happy to know it was also vegan! Nothing like a fruity glass of ice-cold Pimm’s in the summer!
  • Another drink I’ve been loving is fruity gin, Edinburgh Gins do some wonderful vegan friendly flavours, mixed with some lemonade and a bit of mint, oooo yeah.

So that was my vegan favourites for this month of May! If you want to see more of this, drop me a comment! What were you loving this month?

Stay Summery x


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