Vegan Deodorants, Which Is Best?

No one wants to smell bad right? A good deodorant isn’t something you should have to compromise on when going vegan. I’ve been trying out some vegan deodorants over the last year and I’m here to give you the run down on the top 4, what I like about them and what I think could be improved. There’s lots of vegan deodorants on the market and remember that they won’t all work the same for everyone so unfortunately it requires a bit of trial and error. Over the last year I’ve definitely found what works for me and what doesn’t so I hope this can help you narrow down your own choices.

Faith In Nature

One you’ve probably all heard of already is the range by Faith In Nature. Faith In Nature are a cruelty free and vegan brand who specialise in hair and body care products. You’ll find their shampoos in Superdrug now which is pretty cool. Most (if not all) Holland and Barrett’s will sell their deodorants, they have a range of scents and I went with the aloe & green tea. I found it suitable, however if I was doing exercise or I was stuck in a hot room for the day I did find myself with a weird kind of smell. It wasn’t like a BO smell but it was definitely strange, I assume it was probably down to the scent I chose, It was maybe the green tea I could smell. This deodorant was also quite wet on the skin and I found it needed the longest out of the four to dry properly. It also did nothing for sweating, but honestly no deodorant should stop you sweating as that’s a very bad sign.

Overall, I’d give this deodorant a 2/5.

Earth Conscious

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I used to rave about my Earth Conscious deodorant. I was truly a breath of fresh air after using the Faith In Nature one. It comes in a tin, no plastic involved which makes it popular amongst those wishing to reduce their plastic use. It’s also made of very few ingredients, all of which you can recognise which is extremely comforting as you don’t want to be putting unknown chemicals onto sensitive places like your armpits. I used the Vegan Lavender one (not all are vegan so be careful), I found the scent not to be what I was expecting, it almost reminded me of cake actually, but a good smell nonetheless. I used it for about 3 months with no problems, I recommended it to everyone I knew and even gave one to my friend.

After about 3 months I noticed my armpits occasionally getting very irritated, sometimes it was like the skin was actually flaking off. Now I have very sensitive underarms and sometimes shaving irritation can cause similar symptoms so I stopped using the deodorant, and went back to my Faith In Nature one as I figured the aloe would help. After a few days my armpits would calm down and I’d be back to my Earth Conscious deodorant and use it again for a month or so with no problems. Eventually I put two and two together and realised the deodorant was actually causing the occasional irritation of my underarms.

I did a bit of research and found out the baking soda, one of the ingredients, can actually cause skin irritation if you have particularly sensitive skin. By this point I was almost at pan on this deodorant and the consistency felt grittier than usual and I realised a lot of the baking soda had probably sunk to the bottom which is why the irritation was happening more regularly. I decided to stop using it after much disappointment.

Overall, this deodorant was perfect minus the baking soda. If you don’t have particularly sensitive skin then I seriously recommend this one because it’s been the best at stopping the bad smells and I love that it’s 100% natural and plastic free. 3/5

Salt Of The Earth

Now I was skeptical about this one from Salt Of The Earth. My first ever deodorant was a crystal that my nan gave me and frankly it did jack sh*t. Since my armpits were frustrated and miserable from the baking soda I decided to risk it and purchase one as it was the most natural deodorant you can probably buy. It’s literally just crystal. It seems pretty expensive for what it is so I only bought the smaller version incase it didn’t work, but let me tell you something. This is literally the holy grail of vegan deodorants. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I’ve never looked back.

It comes as a stick with plastic casing (boo) but I don’t think this thing is ever going to run out. You have to wet it before applying, unless you’ve just got out the shower and already have wet pits, which can be inconvenient sometimes but I’ve never found myself needing to reapply. Unfortunately there is ZERO scent with this one which sucks sometimes but considering it stops all the bad smells, keeps my armpits calm and rash free, and is never going to run out, I can compromise on the smell.

I think this is my favourite deodorant as of yet, it just does everything a deodorant needs to do. I’ve been to the gym with this and still no bad smells, it’s incredible and I recommend those with sensitive armpits to try it out and see if it works as well for you. 4/5

Evolve Beauty Cotton Fresh

Now this is a brand new product from Evolve and they sent me a sample to try out. I was skeptical because this also has baking soda in it so I wont be wearing this every day as I don’t want a repeat of before. I’ve worn it a couple of times and I can tell you it does stop the bad smells which is ace. It’s similar to Earth Conscious in the way you apply it, with the finger tips. It also comes in a glass jar (yay). I find the mixture firmer than Earth Conscious so can sometimes require a bit more digging to get it on your fingers but once on it dries quickly leaving no wet residue or white marks. I love the smell of this, they’ve captured the fresh laundry smell perfectly, it’s almost like a candle.

Overall I wish this didn’t have baking soda so I could wear it more often but It’s still nice to have cotton fresh armpits every once in a while. 3/5

So there you have it, my run down of 4 vegan deodorants. I hope this has helped you out and If you’ve had any experiences with these deodorants I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

Stay (non) smelly x


  • Sam Attard

    Fantastic all round review Lizz. It’s interesting that you managed to find out about baking soda being an ingredient that can irritate sensitive skin. I think I must have not too sensitive skin as I have loved the Earth Conscious deodorant ever since I first found it. It works wonders for me. But then I don’t use deodorant daily – only if I’m feeling particularly smelly on hot days or after strenuous exercise!

    • theethicalevolution

      Thank you! Yes earth conscious would be perfect for non-sensitive or non-every day wear! Glad it works for you x

  • Lucy

    Ooh, this is great, thanks for posting. I’m moving over to mostly natural/cruelty free/vegan everything except deodorant, where I’m still using my harsh chemicals because I’m so paranoid about smelling bad. It took me years to find a deodorant that worked for me and didn’t leave me with rashes or smelly or massive wet patches everywhere, so I’m really nervous about trying others.

    Definitely think I’ll give the Salt of the Earth one a go, though!

    • theethicalevolution

      Yeah deodorant is one of those things that people seem to struggle with when switching to cf/vegan! Definitely try the salt of the earth and let me know what you think x

  • Hannah

    I recently bought the Salt of the Earth one and found the same experience as you! Isn’t it weird not being able to smell anything?! I was convinced it wouldn’t work and hadn’t gone on at all but actually it’s the best I’ve tried! Great post xx

    • theethicalevolution

      Yeah it’s so strange! Wish it had a scent but it works so that’s good enough for now haha x

  • Rosie

    I’m using Dr Organic’s rose deodorant at the moment and it’s pretty good, though there seems to be a lot of rubbish in it and I’m switching to toxin-free, so I won’t repurchase. I’m really intrigued by the Salt of the Earth crystal – the plastic casing is bumming me out though, so I’m pretty torn. I want to give it a go but I am seriously trying to stop buying things in plastic.

    • theethicalevolution

      Yeah I completely get you on the plastic front, maybe it’s worth sending them and message and seeing if there’s a way they can produce one without the plastic? I compromised on it because I can’t image when I’ll ever need to repurchase it as it’s just a crystal, it’s going to last an awful long time! Maybe you could repurpose the plastic casing for something 🤔

  • Nicole Osborne

    I use the Salt of the Earth one and love it so much! I’ve had it for like a year and a half now and it’s still going! I have really sensitive underarms too and have never had any bother since using this deodorant. I don’t think I’ll ever use another one again. I was, like you, special at first but buying this was the best decision ever! 🙂 xxx

    • theethicalevolution

      Glad to hear it’s lasted you well! My armpits have been much better since I started using it x

  • Sarah Eliza

    I currently use the Superdrug aerosols that are vegan but probably not the best for the environment, will definitely look into these!
    Sarah x

  • Britta

    Oh this is amazing. I am currently on the look out for a zero waste deodorant alternative but haven’t found any that don’t contain baking soda. I have very sensitive skin and have heard from my doctors that it can cause your perspiratory glands to become infected which sounds unpleasant.
    After reading your review I think I might get a crystal and either the Earth Conscious or Evlove and use them interchangibly.
    Thanks for this review, so helpful!
    Britta x

    • theethicalevolution

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes baking soda can cause havoc for some of us, very frustrating! Hope the crystal or evolve can work for you!x

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