Vegan Valentine’s Day Makeup

So valentines day is around the corner and I decided to whip up a little vegan and cruelty free makeup look for ya! All high street and easily available which makes it even better, it’s also actually super basic and simple to do.

So I always start by doing my eye makeup, I’ve recently been in love with the Soph X palette by Makeup Revolution. This pallet is only £10 and contains practically everything you need to make any and every look. IT’S PERFECT. I started by packing on a whole load of the light pink shimmer on my lid and then added a little bit of a peachy shade on top just to give it some colour.

I then swooped in with the hot pink in the bottom corner of the pallet and did my attempt at some sort of cut crease? I kinda blended it in and up and this was the result! I used a mix of the hot pink and a dark red along the bottom with shimmer on the inner corner of the eye.

After I did the shadow, I lined my upper and lower lash line with some black eye shadow on a tapered brush and then went in with my Barry M Eye Define eyeliner. This eye liner is my holy grail of high street eyeliners, it doesn’t budge and it’s super easy to apply. It does need a couple of coats sometimes as it can get patchy when it dries if it hasn’t been applied perfectly. On my lashes I’ve got the vegan favourite that is Gosh Rebel Eyes mascara.

When it comes to eyebrows I’m constantly changing my mind. I have been using ABH dip brow for years but it recently ran out and I’ve switched to using one of the shadows in my Soph X palette and it’s actually the perfect shade. It’s great for when you want a more natural brow but doesn’t give you the build that ABH does if you want a bolder look.

Trust Fund Beauty recently contacted me asking if i’d like to try out their new lipsticks and obviously I said yes. I had heard of this brand before, they are 100% cruelty free and vegan! They recently released a line of lipsticks and I received Call The Psychic, Man Hunt and Is He Rich? to try out. For this look I’m wearing Is He Rich? Because I had a bold eye I didn’t want to go in with something too loud on the lips.

The consistency is lovely and easy to apply, It’s a bit odd at first because I’m used to these applicators and formulas being matt liquid lipsticks but these are not – important to remember. They dry kind of semi-matt but they don’t dry out so they will come off when you eat, so I recommend reapplying after food. However, I love this shade and I love the fact it doesn’t dry out, it does however cling to any dry patches you have on your lips (as you can see) so try and exfoliate your lips prior to wear.

Lastly, It’s THAT concealer. Makeup Revolution recently released a new concealer and I grabbed it instantly because I’ve been after a pale, vegan and affordable concealer now for years. I’m so happy with this concealer, so far I haven’t had any issues with it drying or breaking me out and the coverage is amazing. I’ve been trying to stop wearing foundation if I don’t “need” it so this concealer is perfect because I can get away with just wearing that and nothing else. It blends really well and isn’t obvious at all.

I finished the look off with a bit of contour using the Barry M Feeling Cheeky contour palette. The contour shade in this palette is perfect for pale skin and its also buildable which is even better. It also comes with a highlight that’s subtle but useful and light powder which I don’t really use to be honest.

So there’s my super easy and affordable vegan valentines day makeup! I hope it helps give you some ideas for your valentines/galentines day looks.

Stay loving x

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