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Top Vegan Perfumes

So perfume is not something that everyone thinks of when switching to cruelty free and vegan products. Unfortunately almost all of the big, high street perfumes are tested on animals so when searching for a vegan perfume, small is best.

I now have a handful of vegan perfumes and I’ve also heard of a load more I want to try so heres my run down on what I have and what I’ve heard of.

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Believe it or not, there are high street vegan perfumes out there, all be it not many.

LUSH – Lush are probably the first brand to spring to mind, they have a selection of solid and spray perfumes. I have one perfume from Lush which is a solid perfume called Karma. It has a scent of orange and smells quite strong to start with but once applied to the skin it mellows down a bit. I suggest going into lush and testing them out for yourself!

M&S – Marks and Spencer’s own brand is all cruelty free with vegan options. Rosie seems to be a popular choice for vegans when it comes to perfumes. I haven’t smelt it myself yet but it says it’s a floral scent which sounds good to me! M&S list on their website when a product is suitable for vegans so you can have a browse and see what’s available then go and sniff it in store.

Pacifica* – Now pacifica isn’t available that widely on the highstreet but it can be found in a selection of large Tesco’s, they have some lovely floral scents, I actually own two of them. A large bottle of French Lilac and a small roll on of Tahitian Gardenia. The roll on is perfect for the handbag and the scent stays all day, I’ve had so many compliments on both of them.

The Body Shop – The Body Shop do loads of body sprays and perfumes, you can find out whats vegan by typing vegan in their search bar and it’ll bring up all of their vegan products. There’s a large selection to chose from so I think you’ll find one you like! I have a very old edition of White Musk, it’s such a beautiful scent.

Kat Von D – Available in selected Debenham stores you can find KAt Von D’s new perfumes, Saint and Sinner. I absolutely LOVE Saint and I wear it nearly every day. I opted for the smaller £18 bottle as I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to the more expensive larger bottle. Personally I find the scent doesn’t seem to last as long as my Pacifica one but other people say they notice it on me even when I can’t. So it might just be me!

Weleda – You can find Weleda in most health stores, they do a small selection of perfumes but they are affordable and smell divine. They scent stays on the skin well and I recommend finding a stockist near you and giving them a sniff.

vegan perfume


You can find loads of amazing independent and online vegan perfumes if you so wish, here are a few popular ones.

EDEN – I’m sure you’ve heard of the wonderful EDEN, I hear nothing but good things about them. They match your favourite non-vegan perfume so you can still go on smelling amazing. If you’re lucky enough to live in Brighton you can visit their store for a sniff and a refill. You can also post your empty bottle back for a refill as well!

Dolma – You might not have heard of Dolma but they are another popular vegan scent brand, they make perfumes and also candles and body products. You can buy testers from them on their website so you can decide what you like before taking the plunge. I’m yet to try their products but I hear wonderful things from the vegan community.

Walden – Walden Natural Perfumes are another vegan perfume brand I hear praises about from the vegan community. Their packaging is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure they smell just as good. You can purchase them from LoveLula and like Dolma you can buy a smaller set of all the scents to try before investing in a full size.

Balm Balm – Balm Balm have a selection of single note vegan perfumes, you can buy a smaller trial pack of all of them on Veauty’s website. Be careful when applying them though as I split one bottle all down myself twice when using for the first time!

As well as buying from independent brands you can also look on the following sites to find a range of vegan perfumes available to you.

I hope this post has been useful for you. When it comes to vegan cosmetics there’s so much out there, you just have to find it! Don’t give up! Most of these brands also do “male” fragrances for your fellows as well, don’t fret.

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Stay smelly x


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