Tips on reducing your carbon footprint

Time is seriously running out to save this planet, but luckily there are still some easy and simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference to this wonderful earth we live on. Remember, every little helps, 1 million people making small, individual differences does adds up and if we all get together we can make a positive impact.


Here are some ways you can help out!

  1. Go Vegan – I know some of you may sigh and roll your eyes at this one but it’s probably the biggest and most important one. If you are serious about helping the planet then going vegan should be your first step.

  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – You should all be familiar with this saying, and for a good reason! The amount of waste ending up in our land and our oceans is disgusting and it’s seriously impacting the health of our planet and wildlife. There is a fourth R for those who want to make a bigger difference and that is Refuse, stop buying and taking things you don’t actually need, find ways to reuse what you already have instead.

  3. Public Transport – I understand many of you may need to drive for various reasons, but if you can walk, cycle or take public transport somewhere instead then please do. It’s cheaper and much more environmentally friendly, if public transport is not your thing then see if you can carpool with someone else and reduce your emissions that way instead.

  4. Timers – Stop keeping radiators and lights on when they don’t need to be, it’s a massive waste of energy and will cost you a bomb. If you think you’ll forget to turn things off use the timer (or buy one if there isn’t already one attached).

  5. Green Energy – Switch your energy suppliers to a more ethical and green company, if possible then invest in solar panels.

  6. Eco Shower Head – Believe it or not, you can save the planet in the shower with an eco shower head, they reduce your water usage by using air power.

I challenge you to make a difference to the planet this year by using one or more these methods – you can do at least one I know you can.

Let me follow your journey by using the hashtag #ethicalevolution telling me what method(s) you are using to make your change!

I look forward to seeing you all making a difference x


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