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Thrift Haul – Secondhand Finds!


So I’ve been browsing the charity shops ALOT recently and I’ve managed to find some pretty neat stuff. I’m always thinking ahead to what I might need so I’ve been on the look out for some warmer winter items and some new shoes for when my current ones wear out.

Band T’s


I freakin’ love finding band t’s in charity shops, there’s just something about a second hand band t that makes it so much better than buying a fresh new one. My favourite way to wear band t’s is tucked into a pair of high waisted ripped jeans, if they are super oversized though a pair of shorts and tights will suffice. The key to finding band t’s in charity shops is to look in the mens section because for some reason they are always there, never with the normal shirts. So don’t forget to check!


So I managed to find this sweet People Tree jumper in the sale section at my local charity shop. I love that it’s slightly cropped as I think this makes it more versatile and it also helps show off my waist, which is always a good thing. Also I love that the colours are neutral so it will go with a lot of my wardrobe and it’s just made me really excited for Autumn.

The Work Shirt

Nothing beats that classic work shirt, put together look. I got this sweet black blouse that you could wear for so many occasions. Button it up for a more professional vibe or unbutton it for a more relaxed attitude. You could also tuck it into a pencil skirt or just wear it over some black skinnies! (It also shows off my new tattoo which is partly the reason I bought it).

Winter Dress

This sweet dress is one of my favourite finds, its super soft and I love the colour combination of the pink and grey, I think it really suits my complexion. It’s technically a size bigger than I usually wear but I don’t think it matters too much when it comes to winter clothing as you usually end up layering them. I think this will look super cute with a long cardigan and some woolly tights and boots.


This is now the second pair of practically new Nikes I’ve found in the charity shop. I’m always looking for trainers like this in charity shops because lets face it, they are comfortable and practical. One way I balance my ethical lifestyle is by buying second hand in order to A) not directly support the not so ethical brands and B) keep items like this out of the landfill. For a lot of people buying brand new fully ethical items such as shoes can be expensive and not very practical so this is a great alternative.

I do however have my eyes on a pair of new ethical shoes and they are at the top of my Christmas list so here’s to hoping santa treats me well this year.


Firstly excuse my horrendously unpainted nails, I only paint them for special occasions and then I can never be bothered to take it off so they just flake off as I go about life. But look at these cute rings I got! I love that they actually fit my fingers because rings always seem to be too big or too small for me. These were a measly £1 each and I will definitely be wearing them throughout Autumn.

I encourage you all to hit the charity shops in the weeks up to Autumn. Also don’t forget to start donating your old jumpers and coats that you’ve grown out of or fallen out of love with this Autumn. You can donate to local charity shops or even better, donate to your local homeless shelters because lets face it, being outside in the cold weather is no fun for anyone, especially those unfortunate enough to be on the streets this coming winter.

Look after each other and stay sustainable x



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