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Sustainable & Vegan Bags

So i’ve been on the hunt for a sustainable vegan backpack for years now. I’ve always struggled finding one because they’re either “sustainable leather” or plastic, neither of which is an option for me.

Recently though I stumbled across a brand called Eve Cork who make sustainable bags, wallets and briefcases out of cork, something I hadn’t previously thought of! Cork is one of the most sustainable and ethical materials around, a much better choice than plastics or even PU Leathers.


Cork is renewable and recyclable, it comes from the cork tree which lives for more than 200 years! Cork is harvested by stripping off the bark from the tree every 9-1o years, the tree itself is never cut down as the bark itself regenerates. Cork farming is often passed down from generation to generation making it quite the tradition.


Eve Cork hand makes all their products in Portugal (where the cork is grown) with PETA vegan approved cork, they also make sure their bags are waterproof and easy to clean making them perfect for every day use.


Investing in a sustainable and high quality bag is one of the best things you can do for your wallet and the environment. Investing means that bag will last you for life, you don’t have to waste money constantly replacing it with bags that just fall apart, but it also means you aren’t filling the landfill with non-biodegradable material all the time, and when/if your bag for life finally gives in, it won’t cause any environmental damage.

If you’re on the hunt for a high quality, sustainable, vegan bag then I seriously recommend checking out Eve Cork, whether it’s for yourself or maybe a birthday present for a loved one, with their free shipping, you can’t really say no.

Stay sustainable x


Photos from Eve Cork




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