Skincare Routine – Vegan & Cruelty Free

Hello Chaps, It’s been quite some time since I last uploaded a blog post and I apologise for that. I’ve been moving house unexpectedly so it’s been a pretty busy last month. Good news though, we finally have a garden! Even though we’ve missed the warm weather, it’s still nice to sit out in the sun when I can.

Moving house has stressed me out to the max and when I do get stressed out, I get spots. I figure it’s a combination of stress and all the chocolate I consume when I do get stressed. My chin and my left cheek always seem to be my problem areas and I definitely see a pattern when it comes to my diet and skin.

Now I’ve settled in my new house and I’ve got my skincare routine back in check I thought I’d share with you my new vegan and cruelty free routine to keep my skin looking fresh.

Night Routine

I love going to bed with a fresh face so every evening I like to wash my face and get it super clean. If I’m wearing makeup then I remove it using Evolve Beauty’s* cleanser, it’s a super nice consistency that removes makeup easily with little to no effort. I wipe it off with warm water using my muslin cloth then apply the Evolve Beauty Fresh Face Wash which, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I swear by. Again wiping off with warm water and a muslin cloth, finally I apply a few drops of Superdrug’s facial oil that I’ve mixed with a bit of tea tree oil and dab it all over my face.

Morning Routine

In the morning I like to start the day by using my Evolve Beauty Fresh Face Wash* (again). After patting my face dry I apply some of the Evolve Beauty Daily Renew cream*. I love this cream because a little goes A LONG way, seriously it’s so hydrating you only need a pea size amount for your whole face.

2-3 Times A Week

A few times a week or whenever I’m in the shower I apply my Lush Face Scrub, Let the Good Times Roll. I Love this scrub because It’s perfect for my combination/dry skin, especially in the cold weather. It helps remove all my dry skin and brighten the dull patches leaving it super soft and bright afterwards.

1-2 Times A Week

Lastly, a couple of times a week, I apply my Bloomtown face mask. I LOVE this face mask, it’s the only face mask I’ve ever used that has actually made a noticeable difference to my skin. It contains charcoal and tea tree, both of which help to fight break outs. This face mask is non-drying which is perfect for keeping the skin plump and hydrated, if I’m having breakouts or lots of red/irritated skin then I can pop this on for a long as I want and when I remove it my skin instantly looks healthier and my breakouts reduced.

This wonderful combination of products help keep my skin soft, hydrated and blemish free (most of the time). However, it still stands true that no amount of beauty products will help your skin if you treat it badly on the inside. A good balanced diet and staying hydrated is the best treatment for skin so always remember that.

Stay smooth x

*some of the links featured in this article contain affiliate links, this means I get a small percentage of any sales made through this page. This money helps me continue to provide high quality content on my blog as well as a percentage of it going towards Animal Aid.


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