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MOTD Cosmetics – First Impressions

MOTD Cosmetics are a Cruelty Free and all Vegan makeup brush line who make quality makeup brushes for every day people. A couple of months ago MOTD Cosmetics contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them and try out some of their makeup brushes. I’ve been looking at updating my makeup brushes for MONTHS, my old collection was a range of brushes that came with various products and I only owned one decent brush, and that was my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

I wouldn’t say I was a person who is “good” at makeup, or even someone who is “into” makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy glamming up for a night out and I enjoy trying new products and testing out different eye shadows but I wear makeup at most once a week and I never saw the importance of good tools if I’m honest.


When I opened these brushes the first thing I noticed was how incredibly beautiful they are, I am in love with the rose gold details and they fit in the hand so well. I almost feel like I’m painting a picture when I do my makeup. They are also the softest brushes I’ve ever touched, honestly I haven’t got much to compare them to but I assure you, they are damn soft.

One of my favourite things about these brushes is that they are labeled, they have names. I don’t need to google each brush to find out what it is used for because it tells me, HALLELUJAH. As a regular person with basic makeup knowledge, I could probably tell you if a brush is for foundation or eyeshadow but that’s about as far as my knowledge stretches. So the fact I can actually learn something from these brushes is a god send.


The bristles are packed in tightly which I like because my previous brushes seem quite sparse. I always had trouble applying my foundation with brushes because it would just streak, every time! I ended up relying on my beauty blender but that meant I used a lot more foundation and it always looked slightly too cakey. The first brush I tried out was the foundation brush, “Beauty and the Base” with the same foundation I always use, and I swear I am a changed woman. NO STREAKS and much less cakey. I can’t wait to test this brush out with a more liquidy foundation and see it if still performs as well.

Applying and blending eye shadow is something I think I’ve got quite good at over the last year. Doing everything with one brush though made it difficult so the fact this set came with two brushes made me incredibly happy. After using “Eye Catching Crease and “Miss Shady Lady” my makeup skills have already improved and honestly it makes me so much more confident knowing my eye shadow is actually blended, and blended well.


The brushes I received were “Beauty and the Base“/ “Get Cheeky with It” / “Supermodel Sculpt” / “Miss Shady Lady” / “Eye Catching Crease” and ” Straight to the Point.” On their website you have the option of purchasing single brushes, a choice of 3 different sets, or build your own set of 6. These are honestly the best makeup brushes I’ve ever tried, granted I haven’t tried many, but for a makeup novice they have changed the way I apply my makeup.

If you are looking at updating your set, or maybe you’re a freelance makeup artist looking to go cruelty free and vegan, this is honestly the brand for you. MOTD Cosmetics have also been kind enough to give me a discount code for you all, if you use “evolution” at checkout you’ll receive 10% off your purchase and free shipping over $50.

Stay Glam x

Disclosure: MOTD Cosmetics have not influenced my decisions and opinions in this blog post in any way by gifting me these makeup brushes. All opinions and words are my own.


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