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My Low Waste Bathroom Products

Lets Begin...

I know I’ve done one of these before but I’ve actually got to the point now where I’ve basically nailed down the items I’m using and I’ve found things that actually WORK for me.

Finding plastic free and low waste products that work for you is especially hard. It’s taken me 3-4 years to get to this point and there’s still a plenty more changes for me to make! However, now that I’ve got to where I am, I’d like to share with you my updated Low Waste Bathroom Products as I know some of you may struggle with the same problems I’ve been facing all these years.

Bamboo Toothbrushes & Deodorants

The first item I started with when I approached the idea of a plastic free bathroom was a bamboo toothbrush. I’m pretty sure I’ve always used F.E.T.E and I’ve never had any issues, they now make bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads so even less waste! Their toothbrushes are 100% compostable, even the bristles, which a lot aren’t and a lot of them that are, are made of animal hair making them non vegan. The toothbrushes usually cost between £3-5 depending on where you are buying them, recently I found a pack of 4 in TK Maxx for a discount price, so I always reccomend checking out TK Maxx (when safe to do so) for plastic free bargains.

After I’d found a toothbrush I could get along with, I started experimenting with deodorants. I started with tin deodorants, I have a blog post on a selection of plastic free deodorants you can read here for more information. Eventually I found out that any deodorants that contained baking soda would irritate my skin and I moved onto crystal deodorants. I started with Salt Of The Earth crystal deodorant and it worked a treat. My only qualm was that it came in a plastic container. After 6 months I accidentally dropped it and it shattered so I decided to replace it with a plastic free version from Biork and I’ve had it for around a year and a half now, being extra careful with it this time!

Shampoo Problems

I then went on to find a shampoo and conditioner that didn’t come in plastic bottles. I started using a shampoo bar from lush which I used for about a year before reading up on SLS and I made the decision to stop using them. I was now on the hunt for a replacement and honestly I really struggled. I think there’s two main reasons I had issues with this.

– I live in a VERY hard water area.

– My hair type.

Most shampoo bars I tried left my hair waxy, meaning I had to then use regular bottled shampoo to get the horrible waxy substance out of my hair. I *think* my hair is quite absorbent yet it often feels quite dry but not in a damaged way, so whatever type my hair is, probably played a part in this as well.

Until now, I had been using bottle Faith In Nature shampoo as I was able to fill it up at my local refill store but given the current COVID circumstances, this currently isn’t possible. This gave me 2 options: Buy bottled shampoo OR try a new shampoo bar.

I decided to bite the bullet and try the new shampoo bar by Ethique, sold in Holland & Barrett for £12.99. It’s expensive for a shampoo bar but it is pretty heafty in size. It does not contain any SLS but it does contain SCS which I’m yet to fully research, I’ve seen vailed arguments for and against. So it’s possible after this bar, I may not repurchase, BUT, it’s the ONLY shampoo bar I’ve bought that I’ve loved. It lathers well, smells delicious, its 100% vegan friendly and obviously plastic free. I’ll give you a more detailed review after a few more uses so stay tuned for that. But first impressions are good.

And The Rest...

The Conditioner bar I use is from a company called Koha Beauty and I purchased it through WearthLondon for £11. As a conditioner bar, it’s use is less than that of a shampoo bar, so this £11 bar has lasted me far longer than a bottle version would have. I think I’m on 4 months now and it’s probably half the size it was when I bought it.

The other low waste bathroom products I use on the regular are:

– Ethique Shower Bar

– Stainless Steel Safety Razor

– Epilator (obviously not plastic free BUT I’ve had it for around 2 years now and I’ve created no waste from it. I prefer epilating some of my body hair to shaving it as my body hair grows pretty quickly).

– Skincare in Glass containers.

In the future, I’d like to work on finding a zero waste toothpaste that works for me, I have very sensitive teeth so I need to be careful with what I use. At the moment I terracycle my toothpaste tubes so it’s not all bad. I’d also like to find the money for plastic free toilet roll, but I’d prefer to buy one thats sourced in the UK and at the moment I can’t afford to spend £20-£40 on toilet roll when I can buy a pack of 28 for like £9.

I hope this was useful and informative for you and it’s given you some ideas for your own low waste bathroom products. Please feel free to share with me what you are using in your bathroom and what you’re doing to make more sustainable changes in your home.

Stay safe and stay humble x

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