Living In Halls – My Experience

So many of you will be living in halls at university this year, and everyone will have a different experience. There will be highs and lows for everyone living in halls and I would like to share my experience with you.

I moved into halls to start university in 2013, my university was a bit different because my course was situated on a campus that was about an hour away from the actual university. So because of this, I never really had a reason to visit the main campus, therefore it was really just myself and my course in halls. However, the college that held my university course took a lot of international students so every year there was about 20(?) international students in halls as well.
Our halls were pretty old, we counted ourselves lucky that we all had an ensuite. All the kitchens were shared and the “flats” were just corridors separated by doors that anyone could walk through. This had its perks in the sense that you could always go and visit your friends, no matter what “flat” they were in because you didn’t need to live in that “flat” to enter it, and you could always go and hang out in other kitchens and it really made halls more communal which I loved.
However, the issue with open “flats” is that anyone from another “flat” can come in and steal your things from your kitchen, I think I moved into halls with about 5 of everything and I left with one plate and a teaspoon. It’s a bit hard to find out who is stealing your things when it could be any of the 30 people on your course, or any of the 20 international students.
Now I hated sharing a kitchen, I did most of my washing up in the shower and I wouldn’t go and cook until everyone had finished because my kitchen was tiny and shared between about 6 people I think. The issue was mainly that some people in my “flat” would invite their friends from other “flats” to cook in my kitchen EVERY NIGHT so I could never cook when I wanted to because there was simply no room.
Most of my problems stemmed from my kitchen… I hate a dirty kitchen and I don’t think I ever saw that place clean. Apart from my kitchen, I loved halls, I loved having all my friends down the corridor and there is just nothing quite the same as living in halls. We played so many games of beer pong and ring of fire in the communal room and it made me so happy to be surrounded by so many fun and lovely people.
If you’re going to uni next year and wondering whether or not to go in halls for your first year I would highly recommend it, those who do not live in halls for the first year tend to not make as many friends and you don’t want that. You make friends for life in halls so I think its really important to have that experience.
Please share your halls experience with me, either so far or in the last few years, how have you found it? Would you recommend it?
Happy halls x

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