Lets Get Real

So recently I feel like i’ve been in a bit of a rut with blogging. I evolved my blog into The Ethical Evolution because I wanted it to have a focus on living vegan and ethically, and I still do, but lately I’ve been feeling super out of touch with it. I feel like my blog is not who I am as a person, it only represents a small part of my life and my personality and I feel like my readers don’t really know who I am.

My blog and its photography have become this clean, white, almost minimalist thing and that’s just not me at all. I’ve been taking inspiration from blogs that don’t represent my style and the result is me creating something that’s trying to be something else. It’s like the photos you see of me on my blog are all me making this weird effort to try and fit in with my own blogs aesthetics, I don’t wear those clothes and I don’t always do my makeup like that, it’s not me.

Who am I then?

I’m a 22 year old who works 2 part time jobs that just about allow me to live, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I love animals and I care deeply about the planet. I often find myself getting overwhelmed by trying to save everything and everyone at once. I have 10 tattoos and one day I want my body covered with art. I stretched my ears when I was 16 and they’re currently 20mm, I don’t think I’ll go any bigger.

2010 – 2012


Growing up music was a huge part of my life, I used to play a lot of electric guitar but have now ended up playing more acoustic. I’ve been in a handful of bands and played a handful of shows, I miss those days. I’ve been to over 7 festivals and well over 50 shows, my first real gig was Bring Me The Horizon when I was 13 or 14. I had nothing else to spend pocket money on growing up.

2012 – 2014


I used to live in band shirts and would like to wear them more, my heart always goes back to them. If I could wear smokey eyes every day I would, but honestly I’m too lazy. I often don’t bother with fancy makeup. You’ll always find me in a beanie over winter.

2015 – 2016


So, there you go. A small insight into me and who I really am. The question is, does anyone actually want more of me on this blog? I’d love to write more normal blog posts about myself and my style but I feel like It doesn’t fit. Do I make it fit? It’s tough feeling like two parts of you just don’t quite fit together. Why can’t vegan, ethical bloggers also be alternative bloggers? Well, here I am.

I’ve sucked the fun out of my own blog by giving it this weird list of “rules” to conform to in order to make it fit into the “blogosphere” but I’ve never once fitted in, I’ve spent my whole life standing out. So from now on they’ll be some changes to The Ethical Evolution, just adding a little bit more of myself and relaxing the strings a tad.

So hello The Ethical Evolution, I’m Lizz and it’s nice to finally meet you.


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