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How To Thrift Efficiently

Now I’d like to think I’m pretty good at shopping secondhand, I tend to find what I want, at the price I want and with fairly good quality as well. I’m no fashionista but I’ve been buying my clothes secondhand for nearly 4 years now so I’d say I’m quite the thrifiting veteran. 

There’s definitely some tips and tricks to shopping secondhand, and especially how to do it efficiently and without continuing to buy things you don’t actually want and won’t actually wear. 

1. The Fit

Does it fit you how you’d like it to fit you? When looking for clothes secondhand I will look at all the sizes, including the mens section. I’ve somewhat learnt what styles and shapes suit my body type and I can often find clothes that may be a larger size than my usual but the fit is appealing. For instance, I like my jumpers oversized and I love baggy vintage t-shirts so I’ll always look in the larger sizes and the mens. 

2. Trying It On

TRY IT ON! I cannot stress this enough, collect the things you think you’ll like and try them all on. All the clothes in your hands will be from different brands who size and cut differently. I’ve fallen in love with so many items that look incredible on the hanger, even on the mannequin, but when I put them they just don’t sit right and I know I just won’t wear it. 

Trying things on has also surprised me with things I thought would never look good on me, Sometimes I’ll throw a wildcard in there and pick up something a bit out of my comfort zone, half the time it pays off! 

3. Do You Really Love It?

It’s super easy to fall into the pattern of buying anything and everything when you start secondhand shopping, the prices can be so tempting, it’s like a constant sale. But buying too many clothes secondhand can end up with you not only doing more harm than good but also buying and not wearing items that other people may rely on. Unless you LOVE it, don’t buy it. Unless you know you can wear it with at least 5 outfits, that you’re going to be wearing this item of clothing this time next year, do. not. buy. it. It’s a hard mentality and I fail sometimes but it gets easier, and you start to really appreciate, value and love the items you do purchase. 

4. One In One Out

A good way of not ending up with too many similar items is to have a one in one out mentality. An example might be shoes or bags. If you see a pair of black boots that you absolutely but you know you already have a pair at home, think about a few things. Are these boots just as comfy/comfier than your ones? Would you wear these more than your current ones? Are they as practical as your current ones? If you answer yes to all of these then it sounds like you’d no longer need/wear your old ones after purchasing the new ones, so donate your old ones! 

I hope these tips can be useful for anyone looking to start secondhand shopping/spending less money/shopping a little more ethically! My latest secondhand purchase included this lovely oversized jumper, it’s warm and cosy and a neutral colour than I will certainly wear a lot of, definitely in this weather! 

Peace & love x

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