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How To Save Money and Be Ethical

Something I’ve noticed since adapting a more ethical lifestyle is how much more money I have, now it’s not a coincidence that I am spending less now than before, there’s a lot of things I’m doing differently.

One thing I changed in my new lifestyle is how I thought about clothes. Previously I would be in H&M and New Look every time there was a sale on, I would end up spending a lot more than planned because you think “Ah £5 for a shirt!?” but when you pick up 5 of those shirts that’s already £25 down the drain on some pretty average items you probably didn’t need and won’t wear half as much as you hope you will.

Since taking on my new ethical lifestyle, one thing I looked into it is the treatment of those making your dirt cheap clothes. It wasn’t something I felt I could support anymore therefore I took the steps to change my fashion habits.

One thing you can do to stop spending so much money on clothes is to stop filling your mind with them in the first place. Stop browsing needlessly when bored, find a hobby or something else to do to occupy your mind, once you stop thinking about clothes it’s so much easier to stop spending money on them.

If there is an item of clothing you think you desperately need then make a note of it and look for it in Charity shops first, if things look similar then try them on! You might like it more than the original item. If you can’t find what you want in the Charity shops then your next step should be to search for it (or something similar) on sites like Depop and Ebay, there’s nearly always going to be someone selling what you want cheaper on these sites.

Honestly though, a lot of the time we do forget about these items that we think we so desperately need, by not buying on impulse we let ourselves truly decide if its a necessity of not and therefore we don’t waste our money on needlessness.

If you follow these simple steps you WILL find yourself saving more money and being more conscious about the world and the effect the fashion industry has on it.

Stay ethical x


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