Honest Review – The Mooncup

So the Mooncup is something I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while now, I bought my first Mooncup about a year ago now and it’s still just as good as the day I bought it, minus a little discolouration which is to be expected. I originally bought it because I became aware of how wasteful tampons and pads were, I could never wear only a tampon because often I would have small leakages so I was basically producing twice the waste every month.

Before buying the Mooncup I did some research and watched some Youtube videos on other peoples experiences and honestly I found no reason not to invest, so come payday I sucked it up and bought it. I decided it would be a good idea to wear it for a day or so before my period so I knew I could use it and it wouldn’t be a struggle when I needed it.
Before using it for the first time you have the option to cut down the little stem that is on the bottom, I wasn’t sure how much I needed to cut off so I ended up doing it via trial and error, so cut a bit, pop it back in and see if it stuck out too far. I ended up cutting it all off but soon realised I hadn’t had it in all the way so now I have to dig around a bit to get it out but it’s really not an issue. So just a pre-warning maybe cut half the stem off and then pop it in and walk about it until it settles into the correct place before getting snippy.

Putting it in can be quite daunting for some, I suppose it does look a little big and scary. There’s a couple of methods to putting it in but what I do is fold the edge in on itself and then slide it in and that works for me, then I just run my finger around the edge to make sure its in properly but it will end up in the correct place by itself anyway. If you’ve used tampons/are sexually active whether that be with yourself or someone else then the Mooncup shouldn’t be any problem for you, otherwise you’ll just have to try and you’ll figure it out soon enough.
So removing the Mooncup is incredibly easy, if, unlike me, you kept part of the stem then you should be able to just pull it down and the suction will un-pop and out it comes. Otherwise, you can use your muscles (the ones you would use to poo) and it will push the Mooncup down and you’ll be able to pinch the bottom of it and pull it out. Once out, just empty into the loo and rinse it or wipe it out and then pop it back in! Easy!

Perks of the Mooncup? Apart from being incredibly environmentally friendly, it’s also much better for your body as there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome which can be called by tampons. You can also leave the Mooncup in for up to 12 hours so no getting up to change in the middle of the night and no having to think about it on a night out. I’ve also had very few leaks using the Mooncup, only when I’ve had an exceptionally heavy flow and I didn’t empty it soon enough but you can usually feel when it needs emptying as you can feel a slight weight in your tummy. The Mooncup has also massively improved my cramps, I still get cramps the day my period starts but I no longer get them throughout the week which is amazing!
Negatives? Honestly I can’t really think of any, it does cost around £20 depending where you buy it but when you think about how much you spend on other sanitary products over the year it really isn’t a lot at all. Other than that, some may find it a scary thought but I urge everyone to try it, it really is worth it.
I hope this review was worth the read!
Happy menstruating x


  • Nicole Osborne

    I’ve had a mooncup on my things I’d like to buy list for ages and I think I definitely need to get one soon. The amount of waste I create each month from tampons is just not okay and seems totally unnecessary where there are alternative like this out there. Next payday, the mooncup is happening! xxx

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