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Kalamazoo | Outback Mate | French Kiss | Five o’clock Whistle | Seanik | Lord of Misrule | Intergalactic | Butterball | Softy


If you are on your feet a lot then I highly recommend this, it’s so full of moisture and its really smoothing and smells amazing. Get home, take off those shoes and treat those feet!


Butterball is one of my favs for when my skin just feels dry and sore, its great after a festival or a long day outside because it really moisturises the skin with cocoa butter and leaves you super soft.



This shampoo bar is Billy’s and he says its super easy to use, just lather it up in your hands until you feel you have enough product then run your hands through your hair like you would with normal liquid shampoo. It leaves your hair nice and clean and bouncy with the use of lemon and sea salt.



Another one of Billy’s here, this beard and facial wash is essentially a cleanser that doesn’t get stuck in your beard. He says it feels really smooth and soft on the face with slight tropical smells from the pineapple. This works on all beard types, and non-bearded people, everyone can have a soft face with this product.



I’m sure you’re all familiar with Lord of Misrule, this little shower cream is wonderful, super smoothing and leaves your skin all nice and soft after the shower. The colour is amazing and I love the little specks of glitter to make it exciting and fun to use.



This soap can be used as body soap or hand soap, I’m going to use it as a hand soap and frankly I have enough shower gels already! It smells so fresh and with its peppermint oil and its also antiseptic due to the lemongrass.



Ahhh intergalactic is my absolute favourite bath bomb ever, I love sitting there and watching it bubble away in the bath creating amazing patterns in the water. The colour you end up with is literally space, its such a beautiful deep blue with glitter that creates stars all around you. It lifts my mood so much just watching this magical bath bomb go.



I love this bubble bar because lavender is one of my favourite scents, you just run it under the water and watch bubbles appear. It makes the water a beautiful lilac colour and the lavender scent just relaxes you as you lay among the bubbles.



I bought this shaving cream because I’m switching over my razors soon to a different brand that doesn’t contain much of a moisture strip, therefore I need something that is going to help the razors slide over my skin. I used this on my bikini region this morning and its really nice to use, you just massage it into the skin and it makes your skin really smooth and easy to shave. I am excited to use this more and hopefully my skin won’t be irritated by shaving as much in the future.
Happy scrubbing x

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