Have A Very Vegan Christmas

So for some of you, this year might be your first vegan Christmas! This year is my second so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite vegan foods for this Christmas.

There is no reason to not enjoy delicious food this Christmas, there’s so many alternatives that you can buy and make. So even if you don’t enjoy meat substitutes, there’s still many options out there for you!

The Main

A lot of new vegans often worry about what they are going to eat instead of Turkey on Christmas day. I’ve gathered three options for you, two you can buy and one you can make!

Tofurky – I am a big fan of the Tofurky Roast. It’s super easy to make if you don’t have time and it’s filled with stuffing so you don’t even need to buy any, two in one! The texture is pretty meaty and the flavour is spot on (from what I can remember). So if you don’t like realistic meat substitutes then this one might not be for you. You can find this in Holland & Barrett and often local health food stores as well. You can also check online for your local stockist which is very helpful! Cost – £9.99 (price my vary depending on stockist). Serves 4.

Linda McCartney Beef Roast – Before I went vegan, the original Linda roast was my go-to for Christmas. It was bloody delicious. Unfortunately it wasn’t vegan but thankfully, they released a vegan version for Christmas this year. I’ve tried this a couple of times, the first time I found it a bit dry but the second time it was delicious. I left it in the oven a bit longer the second time, until the juices were bubbling so if you want to try this for Christmas this year, I suggest cooking it for about an extra 10mins! You can find this in most supermarkets so it’s easy to get your hands on. Cost – £3.50 (price may vary depending on supermarket). Serves 4 (but you could devour this between 2).

Mushroom Wellington – This is a recipe that you can find everywhere, there’s so many versions but the popular one is the one from BOSH!. I made this for Christmas (boxing day) last year and it was a hit with the rest of the non-vegan family. Even my very carnist brother enjoyed it and hopes for another one this year! It’s super easy to make and you can adapt it however you like, I made it on the day but you could easily make it the day before and store it in the fridge then just pop it in the oven on Christmas day. Serves 4-6.

Photo Cred: Happy Healthy Em.

The Sides & Extras

Sides are the fun part, roast veg is obviously vegan in itself but just make sure they aren’t being cooked in goose fat or similar! Apart from roast veg there’s a tonne of goodies you can buy and make to make your Christmas dinner extra special.

Linda McCartney Wellington Bites – These are basically little sausage rolls but with extra Christmassy flavour. So easy to cook and eat and If you aren’t already having a Wellington for your main then I’d definitely recommend these for the big day. A good alternative for pigs in blankets if you want! You can find them at most supermarkets as well so easy to get your hands on. Cost £2.00. Serves 4-6 (depending how much you love them yourself, they’re very easy to eat).

Vegan Gravy – If you want to be extra fancy you can make a delicious vegan gravy to accompany your vegan feast. This recipe from Jamie Oliver is super tasty and simple to make if you have the time. Often gravy is made with meat juices (ew) and I’ve often been left with a dry roast on Christmas day. You can avoid this by making your own, if you’re hosting, or even just taking a veggie stock cube or granules with you to someone else’s house to avoid this predicament.

Stuffing – There’s a good selection of accidentally vegan stuffing out there in the supermarkets. Personally we’ve always used Tesco’s Sage & Onion mix. Super easy and cheap to make, just mix it with boiled water and shove it in the oven! Couldn’t be easier. Tastes great as well. Cost £0.75. Serves 4.

Yorkshire Puddings – The dreaded Yorkshire pudding. The hardest thing to perfect as a vegan. I have honestly perfected them once and it was on Christmas day last year. Haven’t been able to do it since! The recipe I have always used is one from BBC Good Food. Honestly I think vegan Yorkshire puddings are simply trial and error. I made them again last night and I think I put too much mixture in each hole as they had risen but the middle was a bit cakey! Make at your own risk!

So that’s it folks! I hope it’s made your vegan Christmas a little easier and settled any nerves you had about not being able to eat anything. Remember, anything they can eat, you can eat vegan! Have a very merry Christmas.

Stay vegan x


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