Girls Night In – Skinny Vegan Cocktails

A few weeks ago I got contacted by SkinnyBrands regarding their new low-calorie, vegan friendly cocktails. They asked me if I would like to host a girls night in and try their cocktails, obviously I said HELL YEAH. I don’t often have a good excuse to have some friends round so this was great. I invited my two favourite East Anglian women round for a chilled vegan night in.

After moving 3 times and living in 3 different parts of England it can be hard to make friends and find people to hang out with. I’m such a sociable person, a massive extrovert and I strongly dislike spending time on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love chilling out, I just love chilling out with other people. I met these two fabulous girlies at work (we’ve all left that job since then), so it was great to catch up and gossip about fellow ex-colleagues. We binge watched some classics such as Hot Fuzz, Juno and Easy A, then I introduced them It’s Always Sunny. No regrets.

I rustled up some vegan food to go along with our snacks and drinks. Fry’s nuggets, garlic bread and Goody Good Stuff gummy sweets to complete the meal. Nothing says girls night in like pigging out on some unhealthy food with a game of naughty scrabble.

SkinnyBrands was nice enough to supply us with some popcorn to go along with their cocktails, we munched on 10 acre popcorn who do some really interesting vegan flavours. I was really surprised at some of them! The cocktails themselves were super nice, I made sure to pop them in the fridge an hour beforehand so they were nice and cool for when my friends arrived.

The Cosmo was really sweet and full of flavour and the Margarita was delicious – my favourite out of the two. Both are 5% ABV with only 90 calories in each! Both cocktails also contain milk thistle (vegan don’t worry) which is a natural herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Now that summer is here, I’m always looking for new drinks to enjoy in the sun. I’ve recently started to go off ciders because they’re so heavy and it really bloats me. We all know that alcohol is full of calories, that’s no secret and for me personally, I couldn’t care less! But I know for some people it’s a deal breaker. What I love about these cocktails is that they are good for everyone, whether you’re vegan or on a health kick, or maybe both? Perfect to balance out that Linda McCartney burger right?

SkinnyBrands cocktails can be found in Tesco for a measly £1.80 each, note that only the Cosmo and Margarita are vegan. I love that I now have an easy grab and go option rather than having to settle for my standard bottle of cider or spend time mixing my own drinks. Also being the lightweight I am, I probably don’t need much more than 3 of these for a great night!

I’d like to thank SkinnyBrands for giving me the chance to catch up with my girls and have a lovely chilled girls night in – we all needed it.

What’s your go to drink for a girls night in?

Stay (responsibly) boozy x


Disclosure: SkinnyBrands have not influenced my decisions and opinions in this blog post in any way by gifting me these cocktails. All opinions and words are my own.


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