Ethical Gift Guide – A Special Day

I rustled together the best of ethical gifts for your loved ones this February, whether you need something for Valentines Day or just a special occasion, I’ve tried to include something for everyone so I hope you can find something that inspires you!

First off, chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate right? Ombar contacted me recently asking if I’d like to try their chocolate and I would be a fool to turn down an offer like that. They sent me sample bars of 4 flavours, Coconut & Vanillia, Coco Mylk, Blueberry & Acai and Rasberry & Coconut (my favourite). They are so creamy and delicious, you’d never guess they were all vegan. Ombar is fairtrade, organic, raw and natural so perfect for the ethical lover in your life. The Blueberry is the darkest of the four and the Coco Mylk the creamiest, the other two are inbetween. Ombar is stocked at Waitrose, Ocado and Planet Organic so make sure to pick up a bar!

If you’re one of those super romantic types, you might be planning a sneaky proposal this year. Did you know that most diamonds you buy on the highstreet are harvested in a super unethical way? Fear not because MADE Diamonds are here. MADE Diamonds have been in the jewellery business for over 30 years, they produce handcrafted engagement and wedding rings that are ethically sourced and made. They can even help you plan your special day by helping you out with making ethical decisions! There’s a small selection to choose from therefore making the process easier and you know that they’ve put extra effort into designing each one to make it perfect.

Handmade gifts are always a win, nothing quite says “I love you” like something you made yourself. Some great ideas for handmade gifts can be a fun book of coupons or a book all about how you met/your relationship or friendship. If you aren’t the creative type you can always browse etsy for unique and handmade items, often you can personalise things to make them extra special. I found this super cute lego pictures frame from MyBrickBox, you could totally try making this yourself of buy one if it’s too much effort!

Finally, another great gift for those with ethical minds is an experience. You don’t have to wrap it and the memory will last a lifetime. You can find some amazing experiences online, some for thrill seekers and others for us more chilled out folk. Here is a lovely getaway in an eco friendly lodge in Pembrokeshire. The Lodge runs on rainwater and solar panels as well as being positioned in a beautiful area, it’s perfect for a surprise get away!

I hope this has given you some ideas for this valentines day or any special day this year, remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money, to be honest you don’t have to spend any money to show someone you care. I hope you all have a lovely valentines whether it’s with a partner or your pals or even yourself (you can totally treat yourself).

Stay soppy x




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