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Shop ethical is one of my go to apps for checking out ethical brands, you can search for clothing, appliances, footwear, accessories, food, office supplies, pet things and many more! The app is super easy to use and you can search for specific product or company if you want to as well. Most of the clothing brands on the app seem to be Australian but they do have plenty of popular UK fashion brands as well. The brands are all listed using a A-F system where A means ethical and F means avoid at all costs. When you select a brand, it will open up a list of documents detailing the brands ethics, this is where you can find reliable information about the brand’s use of child labour, animal products and other ethical matters.


Earth Miles is an app that rewards you for doing exercise/walking/cycling. You can earn “em” for doing physical activity and these “em” will give you discounts off natural and organic products such as skin care, super foods, and gym wear. You can save some serious money on vegan and cruelty free goodies by walking or cycling to work! (I have not checked if every brand available on earth miles is cf/vegan/ethical as the brands update and change often, so be sure to check upon purchasing).


Ecosia has been blowing up among ethical bloggers recently and for a good reason! Ecosia is a search engine that uses it’s ad revenue to plant trees around the world, you can actually go onto their website and see how many trees have been planted since it started which is pretty damn cool! I’ll link you to their website here because it’s full of wonderful information about the projects they are involved in and why trees are so important.

These apps are so handy to have if you’re trying to live a more ethical lifestyle, I seriously recommend downloading them especially as they’re all free!

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