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So, when I started my cruelty free journey shaving didn’t really cross my mind.. It was only until I started radically reducing my waste that I questioned my shaving methods. I looked into cruelty free and zero waste options and it seemed the only thing that came up again and again was the safety razor. Now I did a bit of researched and watched some videos and decided it wasn’t for me, I did not feel like I was capable of handling such a thing.
I continued looking and came across Friction Free Shaving, they are a cruelty free razor subscription service that deliver a razor handle of your choice along with 4 sets of blades each month. They aim to make shaving more comfortable and safer by encouraging you to change your blades each week. Nearly all of it all comes in cardboard packaging which is widely recycled, much better than the massive plastic packaging standard razors come in. Best of all, it starts at just £3 a month!

You get a choice of three handles, Faye (£3), Frankie (£5) or Samantha (£7). Faye has 2 blades, Frankie has 3 and Samantha has 5, it its completely up to you what you want. I didn’t feel like I needed more than 2 blades so I went with Faye and it works just fine for me.

The one I have is the one you get for £3, it saves me so much money as I would probably buy 2 razors a month which come at roughly £7 each! I use it along with some shaving cream from Lush and shaving has never been so good. I probably don’t shave more than once a week so this way I get to use a new blade nearly every time I shave and I no longer suffer from uncomfortable shaving rash (Hurrah).
All in all, I would 100% recommend this brand, whether you want a cruelty free option, to reduce your waste, or save money!
Happy shaving x

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