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Cruelty Free Get Ready With Me

Hey pals, today I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before and do a Cruelty Free Get Ready With Me! I hope you all enjoy!


I usually wake up around 8am, my body clock naturally wakes me up at that time because of work which is kinda annoying on my days off! When I wake up I check my phone, get up to date on whats going on in the world and reply to any comments that may be on here, Instagram or Twitter.

After a good stretch I’ll waddle my way into the bathroom, probably moan at my chin spots, then apply my Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Natural Face Cream. I have several dry patches on my face so I like to make sure I stay moisturised and this face cream is wonderful for keeping my skin nice and smooth.


Next I brush my teeth with my bamboo toothbrush and Superdrug’s sensitive whitening toothpaste, I love this toothpaste as it’s not only vegan but it also works! After brushing my teeth I’ll probably wash my hair, I use LUSH’s shampoo bar Soak and Float. It’s super soft and moisturising on the scalp which is perfect, especially in the hot weather when it’s easy to get a burnt scalp.

After washing my hair I run my Evolve Beauty Nourishing Hair Elixir through the ends of my hair. My hair is quite dry and broken as the ends as I haven’t actually had a hair cut in about 4 years, due to having my dreadlocks in. Currently I’m removing my dreadlocks as they no longer serve the purpose they did when I put them in and they’ve done what I needed them to do, but that’s for another post. This hair serum is perfect for dry hair, I’ve used it every wash for about a month now and I’m pretty sure my hair is already longer due to less broken ends.


After drying my hair it’s time for the fun part, putting that vegan face on! I recently managed to replace enough of my non-vegan makeup items to be able to do a full face of vegan makeup so here it is.

If you want a new updated full face cruelty free, vegan makeup routine then do let me know and I’d be happy to oblige! In the mean time you can check out my Vegan Lists to help you veganise your makeup.

I hope this Cruelty Free Get Ready With Me has been fun for you, it was sure fun for me!

Stay cruelty free x


    • theethicalevolution

      Hi there, Superdrug do some of their own face creams which are really lovely! Evolve Beauty who I use in this post also do a lovely face cream. I also have combination skin and these both work for me, but face oils are also great for tackling the dry patches if you want to try those!

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