Christmas Jumpers

So I recently found ALL my christmas jumpers and I am loving life. I thought I’d share them with you because why not!


This isn’t so much of an obvious Christmas jumper but thats what I like about it, It’s just red yet still Christmassy! This means really I can wear it all year round. It’s not too thick either so I can layer it or just wear it with a shirt underneath, perfect.


This is your typical grandad jumper, it’s so warm and old and I thrifted it a few years ago now. It’s the dream grandad Christmas jumper. Perfectly oversized and stretch with a whole in the back but that just adds to the character right? It’s super warm so its great for all of winter, you’re not limited to simply just Christmas with this one.


Now this is a serious Christmas jumper, reindeer and all. I bought this a couple of years ago in some tacky christmas shop so it’s probably not very ethical but at that time I knew no better. Therefore I’m going to look after it the best I can and crack it out every year to truly get the most use out of it as possible. It’s actually super cute but not very warm, annoyingly, however I think I pull it off pretty well.


This jumper is the perfect unisex, all year round jumper. The cute pattern around the top gives it that Christmas feel when you wear it in December but anyone could totally rock this anytime of the year. I love that is mostly grey because it goes with everything and is super easy to style. Also very warm and cosy! Share it with your boyfriend to make it extra resourceful.

So there you have it, my perfect Christmas jumpers, you don’t have to wear reindeers and snowmen, you’ll be surprised what styles can look Christmassy when worn in December! Hit up your local secondhand stores for the perfect Christmas jumper. You can find my most recent thrift haul here.

Stay Christmassy x


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