BRYT – Vegan Skincare Review

BRYT are a natural, vegan, palm oil free skincare brand who reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try some of their products. I love skincare and I’m always trying to find new products that might work for my skin so I was happy to oblige. My skin is dry and sensitive, my biggest problem area being my forehead, it’s dry, spotty, bumpy, red and sore most of the time. Recently I’ve been using Superdrug’s Vitamin E Night Cream on my face before bed so I was interested to see how BRYT would hold up.

BRYT sent me 4 products to try, Remove – removes eye makeup, Cleanse – foam cleanser, Boost Serum – helps tiered and dehydrated skin and finally Night – night cream. They all came in a lovely box that I can recycle along with some colourful tissue paper, they are packaged individually in cardboard, a good start.


The Night Cream is the one I was most interested about trying. This one came in a glass container with a metal base and lid, the pump is plastic though so that’s something to bare in mind if you’re reducing your plastics. BRYT do state on their website that all their packaging is recyclable though so check with your local recycling to see if you’re able to recycle these once you’ve used them.

The first thing I noticed when using the Night Cream was the scent, it instantly smelt lavender which is my favourite scent. Checking the ingredients this Night Cream contains quite a few calming oils which include: Rose Absolute, Chinese Geranium, Palma Rose and Lavender. The scent of all of these combined is so calming and perfect for a Night Cream, it certainly makes applying the cream a more relaxing experience.

Using the Night Cream was pretty straight forward, I use 2 pumps because like I said before my face gets very dry very easily so I always go OTT on creams. After using this (and not my usual Superdrug vit e) for a week, I can already see it working. My skin is just as soft as it was using the Superdrug cream and it’s actually smoother than before, some of the bumps and spots have reduced and my face is overall a lot happier. This product is definitely my favourite out of the 4 and once my Superdrug cream runs out I’ll probably be repurchasing this. 10/10.


The Boost Serum comes in the same packaging as the Night Cream, it’s a smaller bottle but you use less of it so they’ll probably last around the same time if you’re using them together, which I am. BRYT Boost Serum actually won the beauty awards 2015 so I was expecting good things from this. Like the Night Cream it contains an array of essential oils: Lemon, Basil, Lavender and Petitgrain, African Baobab Oil and Jojoba Oil. I was happy to see Jojoba Oil amongst these as I’ve heard its excellent for your skin, better than coconut oil.

When I first used the serum I was surprised at the consistency, I expected it to be a bit more like a gel but it’s actually a pretty watery consistency so be careful when pumping it out not to let it spill off your fingers like I did. Once I’d nailed the art of pumping serum onto your hands I really enjoyed this product. It applies really nicely on the skin and doesn’t feel too oily, I definitely think it’s had a positive effect on my skin whilst using it before I apply the Night Cream before bed and I would happily repurchase this. My skin feels more hydrated and gets irritated less easily by the weather since using it. 9/10.


The Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover both come in plastic bottles with a plastic pump and lid, I would certainly enjoy these more if they were in the same glass bottles as the Night Cream and Boost Serum. The Cleanser came with a Mitt (in plastic again) to use with it but I already have a Muslin cloth I use for my face so I continued to use this instead of the Mitt. The Cleanser is a foam cleanser and foams up when you pump it out, I ended up using more than I thought I’d need because I found it drying up quite quickly on my skin and not really lathering up. After using a couple of times I’ve determined that this product isn’t great if you want a cleanser to also remove your makeup like I do, it is good however if you want a cleanser to just cleanse and clean your face after you’ve already removed makeup or you’ve had a makeup free day. 6/10.


I was excited to try the Eye Makeup Remover as I’d actually been thinking of getting one, some of my mascaras are quite a task to remove with my regular products so I was happy to see BRYT had sent me this product. I’ve definitely noticed it removing my mascara better than just a regular cream or cleanser. The first time I used it I didn’t read the instructions properly and I just tried to rub it on my lids and I didn’t notice any improvement. I went back to the bottle and read it and realised you’re supposed to hold it on your eyes to let it work, so next time I applied some of it to my muslin cloth and held it on each eye for around 10 seconds beforehand and it was much more effective. The directions say to spray the product directly onto the eyes (closed obviously) but I found I couldn’t do this, the consistency was similar to the Boost Serum and I didn’t have success “spraying” it. They say use a cotton pad to hold it on the lid and then the Mitt to remove but I was able to do both with my existing Muslin cloth. Overall I think this product is good but I personally would prefer a creamier product to remove my eye makeup, also avoid this is you have lash extensions as it contains castor oil which will remove your lashes. 6/10.

So there you have it, are you looking for an all natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free skincare range? Overall I would definitely recommend BRYT Skincare to those looking for all of the above, the range for dry and sensitive skin is excellent and I’ll certainly be looking into repurchasing some and maybe trying a couple of new things once I’ve used these up. Thank you to BRYT Skincare for sending me these to test out.

Stay squeaky x

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