Lets Talk Body Positivity!

So I felt like addressing something slightly different today. Something that jumped out at me was the topic of body positivity, so today you’ll see me writing about clothes sizes!

I work in a charity shop therefore I come in contact with various brands and various sizes from all over the place. Now it’s no secret that clothes sizes can vary, especially in shops such as H&M, but what really concerns me is just how much these size actually differ.

There are so many dependents when it comes to wearing clothes, how you like the fit, the size of your boobs, the size of your waist, your shoulders etc. The idea that one size 12 will fit all medium women is bizarre. I am statistically a pretty average sized woman, and the size of my clothes ranges anywhere from a small to an extra large. Does that mean I’m any smaller in a small? No. Does that mean I’m any larger in an extra large? No.

The size of your clothes does not change the size of you.

When working I always hear women looking at a shirt they love, seeing the size and then throwing it back on the rail in tears. Something I’ve learnt from being in that environment is to always try on anything I like. Yesterday I tried on a skirt that was a size 8 and a dress that was a 14. On this occasion the skirt was too small and the dress slightly too big but you literally never know what something is going to look like unless you try it on.

What I’m trying to say is don’t let the size in the back of your shirt effect how you view yourself. Each one of these 3 shirts I’m wearing is a different size, and none are my actual size. The first one is a large, now I’m not sure how a large person is supposed to fit comfortably in this shirt, which is a whole other issue in itself! The second shirt is classed as an extra large, it’s oversized on me yes, but it’s comfortable and I shouldn’t be ashamed to wear it just because it’s an extra large! Finally, the third is actually supposed to be a size 20, which baffles me because I can’t imagine a size 20 person ever fitting in this shirt, it’s stretchy yes but not that stretchy..

No matter what your actual size is, put it to the back of your mind. It’s not as big of an issue as you think, don’t be afraid to try different sizes and different brands, second hand shopping is a fantastic way of building a varied wardrobe and opening your eyes to the variety of clothes out there.

I encourage everyone to try second hand shopping more often, not only does it benefit the planet and your wallet but it gives you the chance to explore your options and be free to experiment with clothes and brands.

I hope this post has opened your eyes a bit to the issue we have among sizing in the clothing industry, for self esteem and the general ability for people to buy clothes that actually fit them! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and remember, NUMBERS DO NOT DEFINE YOU.

Stay beautiful x


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