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PHB Ethical Beauty Lip Gloss 

So in Februarys The Natural Beauty Box, I got this beautiful lipgloss from PHB Ethical Beauty. I hadn’t had anything from PHB Ethical Beauty before but they were a brand I saw a lot of in the cruelty free and vegan blogosphere.

Firstly this shade is gorgeous, it’s the exact one I would have picked out for myself if I had the choice so 5 stars to The Natural Beauty Box on their shade choice.

Now I’ve never been a fan of lip gloss if I’m honest, even hearing those words “lip gloss” takes me back to the early 2000’s when it was merely glitter in what was practically mild glue. However, this is different, this has changed me.

The pigment in this is wonderful, and although there does seem to be glitter, it’s just the right amount. It glides on easy with the applicator provided and the consistency is spot on, not too runny but also stays true to being a gloss not a liquid lipstick.

After applying this I went out for pizza to truly put it to the test, I remember being young and foolish the last time I wore lip gloss and it would end up all over my face anytime I ate something.

Safe to say this was not the case today, I shovelled pizza into my mouth with ease and minus some crumbs stuck to my lips there was no smudging and no sneaky smears appearing on my chin. Bonus points to PHB Ethical Beauty because even after pizza, my lips are still the same gorgeous colour that they were prior. If thats not impressive then I don’t know what is.

10/10 would re-buy!

Stay Glossy x

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